Participation in research projects

  • Generalized groupoid morphisms grant CEEX (Excellence research projects for young researchers) from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, cod ET 65/2005, contract no. 2987/11.10.2005 (Director of the project Assoc. Prof. Mădălina Roxana Buneci, University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu-Jiu).
  • Promoting of scientific research on the theme: Operator Models and Applications grant CEEX-Modulul III -contract 69/2006; (Director of the project: Assoc. Prof. Dan Popovici (West University of Timişoara).
  • Advanced Research Studies on the Asymptotic Behavior of Evolution Equations PN II ID 1080, (2009-2011), according to the CNCSIS decision on 2.12.2008; (Director of the project Prof. Mihail Megan-West University of Timişoara).